Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Busy Start

As we expected, the September has been very very busy. The fact that I am posting this from Bangalore, India, could give you an hint. :-)

Anyway, I just heard from Piritta that the broadband connection is finally installed. As the out-of-work Internet usage becomes again possible, we will be reachable by the msn, skype etc. and even a simple things like replying a private emails becomes more likely. 8)

The moving of the stuff within Finland is mostly done now. That is, we have sofa, kitchen & coffee table, more than two chairs, TV (!) etc.. Back at our home-homes where we had stored the furniture, there is some work to do - the boot sales next springtime will have loads of stuff form us that we do not need anymore. Saying this means that we tried to stay firm not taking any items that we did not really need back to Espoo.

As there has been couple of spam comments appearing on the blog (done by some bots), I turned on bit more security measures for posting the comments. If the image verification prevents you from commenting please let us know by email!