Monday, October 02, 2006

Troubles with flickr - Harmeja flickr:in kanssa.

Forgot my yahoo! account password (or at least got it locked with too many retries). Resetting the password proved to be more tricky than I thought: Yahoo! wants me to remember and type the address details I have on the account. It is not unreasonable to ask them but I do not know them - I created the yahoo account as a spam/IM account to start with! In addition to that, I bought the flickr pro account when the flickr still had their own separate accounts.

As the yahoo email support does not seem too helpful I tried new approach: As I still have the email-to-flickr settings valid, I posted the image above to show that I have at least some affiliation with the account.. Lets hope this and the flickr pro account purchase info helps..

After I get the account back I finally can empty the picture backlog..


Postaukset ovat olleet jumissa sen takia että en ole päässyt kunnolla käsiksi flickr-tiliini. Yllä oleva vuodatus liittyy siihen miten ylläpitäjät eivät oikein halua helpolla nollata salasanaani.. Noh toivottavasti kuva toimii paremmin kun tuhannen sanan sähköposti..


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