Monday, August 01, 2005

The trip to Scotland

We spent last week touring Scotland with car. Here are couple of pictures from the trip:

After staying overnight at Nottingham, we did pay a visit to Newcastle-Upon-Tyme. The town was preparing to the Tall Ships Race which was due in couple of days.

At this point we have reached Scotland, as you can see the weather has turned better!

The first look at the Scottish castles was the Castle of Edinburgh, on our first anniversary!

Checking the water temperature of Loch Lomond.

The Scot Architecture seems to have a twist sometimes. This detail is from a small church.

Because of the amount of rivers and water alltogether we did pass quite a many bridges.

Loch Ness and a artists impression of the famous monster.

Landscape near Fort William

Castles and the wide spaces make sometimes very pictoresque settings, especially in the good weather we did enjoy.

Isle of Skye and the Cuillin hills, the view from a lunch break.

After some semi-serious hill walking it is time to take a break.

We decided that some signs need to be obeyed, at least without any equipment.

The principles of Scottish Whisky.

We were able to visit two distilleries on the way back home. This picture is from the huge distillation hall of Glenfiddich Distillery.

The last castle we visited was a Stirling Castle. The weather had turned to rain, which definitely affected the Castle Experience (tm).

We did also pay a short visit to stretch of Hadrian's Wall.

Home at last. We do like to drive a lot during the holidays, this time the odometer reached 2893 kilometres in a week.. 8)

Last but not least here are couple of panoramas stitched together from multiple pictures, click the stripe to see a bigger image!

(Hmm.. found a restriction of blogger image store while twiddling with these panoramas. The images over 1024 pixels of width seem to be scaled to that size.. I will eventually find a way to show the proper images.)

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