Wednesday, September 09, 2009

End-of-summer update

It was said on the news that this week will hold the last summerlike days in Finland this year. It was indeed very warm and sunny. As it is already well into september I thought a very short recap of this summer would be apt.

We all have enjoyed the summer a lot. The four-week holiday I had was a real treat to all of us - even though we did not travel abroad or other fancy things.

sunny day at Lieksa

Zoos and home animal "yards" were guaranteed hit, and we did visit quite many of them. Even Armi, when not having her nap, did love to watch the animals, and grab some grass and try to feed them.

Look at her face

Armi is now very active walking toddler. The interaction with Kerttu has ignited some expected friction. Not really big fights yet but defending the right to e.g. hold to a certain toy is done with vigilance by both. We have to daily get in as a referee before the biting and shoving gets too dangerous. Very normal stuff, I guess. All-in-all the girls are behaving very well, eating well and sleeping well. We have also been very lucky and been all very healthy so far.

Kerttu talks a lot, and also in general does a lot of things in increasing pace. The imagination has also taken her ways of playing to new levels. Dolls and soft animals have started having names, and the things in play happen in many places between of which one has to transfer, using e.g. boat, bus, train etc. She is also eager in drawing and coloring, at the moment human shapes are drawn along these lines:

drawings by Kerttu

(ok, maybe there is usually also the hands, legs and some hair ;)

Now the autumn has brought us changes in daily/weekly routines. My work and Pirittas studies, childcare arrangements and hobbies. I am looking forward in how the weekly merry-go-around settles during the next few weeks. It is our first step towards the time when we both go to work - where from that will happen next year is whole another story - still a bit unknown to also us ourselves.

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